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          #Jinnian buyers rely o!n Industrial plates @born to follo?w "the Wanan hom&e, Fengle Yongnian%" business philosophy to? "doing fine brand e?ngineering, and st}ronger industry ^works, so long ente_rprise engineer#ing" as guidan,ce, from residential to% high-end commercial pla%za, based on& local developme,nt of the surr%ounding, the radiation, &and strive to cr?eate a set of developmen}t, design, construc@tion, property service&s as an integrate>d real estate develop&ment group, compose m?usic harmony between .man and nature.

    Jinnian Square

    Located in Xinchang_ Qixing District Riversi:de Road, Wanfe&ng response is! to build county gov}ernment head!quarters economy pro>duct, is the Group he!adquarters, office $buildings, mu>lti-function@al banquet hal?l, conference, cateri?ng and other functio.ns as one of& the commercia?l complex, height# of 99.9 meters.,

    Xinchang Riverside pla)te as the core of? a landmark, become Xinc_hang city landmark, op(ened the prel@ude to the bustling ci>ty.

    Jinnian · camphor mansi$on

    Located in Xinchang Qixi)ng District Ri)verside Road on the _south side, and int)o the new road on the? eastern side(. The total land ar?ea of about ,76 acres, facing the !Xinchang River, ^unobscured, b!eautiful rive^r view at a gl)ance. Residential atmo%sphere overall pl>anning, design&, high start@ing point, good qualit!y of living,& called Xincha:ng rare truly interna:tional quality, low $density, eco>logy, landscape no&ble community.

    The entire projec&t is the most att_ractive place in th?e southwest si!de of the project h>as seven hundred years o^ld camphor, are retai(ned the orig_inal ecology an?d ancient cam:phor side group %planning a su?nken landsca>pe Leisure Square, ?as residential prope^rty owners place to re!lax. Residen^tial architec%tural style is neo-clas,sical style, as ?high-end crow#d meet Xinchang$ living produc#t, so that the river vie?w, garden view double? one, allow each@ person to un(derstand life, are com?fortable easily c.hoose their own resi?dence, taking into accou#nt the quality> and quality of life.

    Jinnian rose garden

    Jilin City, _Jilin Matthey Ltd adher.e to the development .with the resonanc?e frequency, focus! on the constructi$on of high-end: eco-living project, )focus on quality busi}ness leads, a(lways been committed $to research and developm@ent and sales of hig!h-end residential@ products, and strive_ for the high-end crowd .Jiangcheng tailored_ livable US house.

    Jinnian · Fengzeyuan

    located in Hi-Te%ch Toys Jinnian Park, (Jinnian employees re^sidential projects. P%roject covers an area ?of 105 acres@ to build a modern in!tegrated ecol?ogical planning goa^l, to create a reason(able layout, comple>te functions?, convenient tra}nsportation, green, eas%y life, cultural $connotation cells. Jane &European style} residential building, t^he central axis o!f the landscape acro,ss the north and south, &from south to north the? landscape set up three. groups, namely, Versailles Square, Mon?et impression plaza,@ the Champs Elysees Pla>za. In order to enr}ich employee!s amateur lif@e, cell desi&gn a large area of t#he basketbal?l court, badminton cou?rt and library s_taff in his spare ti^me to keep fi?t, rich spiritual lif!e.


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