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    【Auto Parts】-& Environment!-friendly Surface Trea!tment


        &n@bsp;Jinnian OTT holdi&ng corp., dacrome^t coating industry,_ as one of the bigg!est environmen%tal protection coa)ting processing bas?e, take the lead ,to achieve the applicati!on without chro}mium coating industry?, advanced auto@motive, electrical an?d mechanical$, wind power, railway., aerospace, military?, and many othe)r industries, has r!ealized to the enviro>nmental protectio)n new materials, n%ew technology and new i}ndustry tran#sformation and upg!rading.

    Shanghai Dacrome_t coated Industries Ltd.

        &nb)sp; Shanghai Sh&anghai juji dacromet in?dustrial co., L&TD in coating pr}ocessing capacit.y of fifty thousand to.ns, is one of the !biggest environmen?tal protection, coating process)ing base. Development of$ multi-functional an!ticorrosive com!posite coating. was named "natio&nal key new prod$uct" twice...

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    Ningbo Dacromet coated Industrie^s Ltd.

        &nbs,p; Ningbo Dacrome%t located in t?he Ningbo Econo?mic and Technologic>al Developmen^t Zone Beilun Daga(ng Industrial Park, a :stone's thro.w away from )the deep water port! of Beilun port, close. to Beilun hi?gh-speed entrance, ad&jacent to Shang@hai and Hangzhou, Ningb&o-Taizhou-We,nzhou Ningbo-Jinhua &and Quzhou ex>pressway...

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