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    【Auto Parts】- Magnesium >Alloy Manufacturi!ng


    Jinnian OTT holding g?roup's magnesium indu@stry actively undertake )national 863 progra>m, engaged in researc?h and development of >the industrializ>ation of magnesium a(lloy materials. Wa.nfeng magnesiu?m reading, the compa,ny is the world t#he global lead:er of the industry, w&ith cutting-!edge core technology), industry produc$tion base of distributio,n in the United Stat@es, Canada, Britain,: Mexico, China and oth?er countries, magnesi^um alloy has the wo.rld's leading ?technology resear!ch and developm&ent center in !Canada, many ite>m of products won )the international gold a.ward. As rea(lly holds the mark^et subdivision industry >leaders say, fo.cus on transportation, #the market share !of more than 65% i!n North America, client$s include porsche,, tesla, audi, Merced@es, BMW, Volvo, land r@over, Toyota, Honda,: ford, gm, fiat, C(hrysler and other high-e@nd brand in the worl?d.

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