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  • “Always creating v?alues to give back to t.he society” is Wanf$eng people’s corporate b$elief. As an, enterprise which g:rew from China’?s reform and %opening up, while deve@loping the in#dustry to contribute to? the nation, Wan>feng Auto also support $education, sports, cul#ture and new rura?l development wit,h a total input capit^al of over 200. million yuan.> The capital is mainly >in building Hope P!rimary Schools,! establishing Char(ity Funds, pairing with )poor villages for> development, and, acting as the first t}o donate 10 m_illion yuan in l^ocal rural areas’ p&roject of treating f?ive kinds of water th&e sewage,flood,wate%rlogging,water sup?ply and water saving,, among others.
       &nbs:p   &nbs!p Ms. Aili^an Chen, Chairman of th_e Board also made& an individual donati.on to establish the fir?st Beautiful Count#ryside Building Fund !in Zhejiang pro(vince. Seniors ov%er 60 years !old, childre,n before school_, students en^tering college and coupl}es newly married coul@d all enjoy one ,of the Longevity A!llowance, Excellent %Study Allowance, and H^appiness Allowance ever?y year.

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