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    from around the world! have ideals^ and aspirations of t!he people of insight, c@an ...

  • Jinnian’s growth, expan!sion and dev>elopment is actuall$y a miniature of t@he great historical_ change of China’&s reform and o#pening up. Diff&erent levels of the? Party commi&ttee and gover$nments have create@d favorable bu^siness environment &and foundation. They wil$l always show up to enco:urage for more ach!ievements, solve i!ssues that w>e face, and send regards? and care when we .have developme@nt opportuniti$es.

        Zhejiang Party Sec}retary Xia Baolo_ng
          Shaoxing Municipal }Party Committee Secreta#ry Wang Yongcha:ng
            Jilin provincial party_ committee secretary, ,as the Cha Ji Lin W@anfeng Bayinqolu

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