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    Jinnian magnesium i!ndustry

    Meridian light!weight technology compan!y

    Jinnian OTT holding c!orp., Meridian magnesium. (reading) is one (of the world's largest p!roducer of lig^htweight metal parts.^ Company has fiv^e factories @in North America, Europ$e and Asia, across ,a global research a$nd development^ centers and offices%.

    Company has the st?rength of the magne(sium alloy tech}nology research and @development c?enter, design and produc!tion of a numb#er of products won the g#old award at the annua!l meeting of the int$ernational magnesium as!sociation. The succe_ssful experience@ of mg alloy die casti$ng in the comp!any of more >than 30 years, formed th$e automobile, 3 c! (computer, communi$cation and consum>er electronics) and de>fense three mat%ure markets. Including a@uto parts producti?on accounted for about# 40% total m@agnesium alloy d>ie-casting par!ts all over the w!orld and customers al?most covers &the porsche, audi,! tesla, Benz, BMW,: Volvo, land rover_, Toyota, Honda, _ford, gm, fiat, Chry.sler and so #on all famous brand en^terprises in the@ world today.


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