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        After twenty years! of meticulous care, Wan(feng Brand h>as won China Top Bran?d, Famous Tradem!ark of China and Natio?nal Quality Award. Lo}oking ahead,? all Jinnian people will! continue to make excell:ent products, excel in m!anagement and s%trengthen the b>rand further, so as to r!aise social awarene!ss, closeness to cu(stomers, marke?t reputation and indu%strial influence. In @this way, Wanf?eng could realize the ma@ximization of int:angible asset #value and market cust.omer service opti#mization, while ?promoting corporate@ core competence and t)he industrial brand fr>om China to the# world.

    The two ears of w@heat symboliz@e good harvest). In the center &of the Jinnian logo is t!he Greek letter “&W”, representi}ng the combination( of Chinese and _western cultures, int(egrating internation$alization, f)ollowing the trend of op)enness, and t^he ongoing cha_nge and development of t?he era. The “F” in. Jinnian Jinyua)n logo means finan%cial and the stan?dard red color &signalling the pro%fessional strength and t^he cohesiveness of> Jinnian Jinyua%n.

    Copyright ©!; 2013 Jinnian Group C#o., Ltd. All ?Rights ReservedZhejiang ICP No. 110^36151-1    }    ?     &nbs!p;  

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